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Are you planning a trip to Cancun and wondering if you can use Uber for transportation from Cancun Airport? In this guide, we’ll provide you with essential information regarding Uber services at Cancun Airport and alternative transportation options to ensure a hassle-free journey. Let’s dive in!

Can you uber from cancun airport?

It is currently not possible to take an Uber from Cancun Airport.

Uber has been available in Cancun since 2019, but its use is not regulated by the Mexican government. This has led to safety issues, such as cases of robbery and assault. For this reason, the Cancun government has banned Uber drivers from picking up passengers at the airport.

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How safe is cancun airport?

Cancun Airport is generally considered safe for travelers. It maintains strict security measures, including baggage screening, passenger screening, and surveillance systems. Airport staff and security personnel are vigilant in ensuring the safety of passengers.

However, like any international airport, travelers should exercise standard precautions such as keeping an eye on their belongings and following airport guidelines. Cancun, as a tourist destination, also places a strong emphasis on visitor safety, and the airport collaborates with local authorities to maintain a secure environment. Overall, while no place can guarantee absolute safety, Cancun Airport is dedicated to providing a safe experience for its passengers.

Cancun Airport is generally considered safe for travelers

How is cancun airport?

When it comes to describing Cancun Airport, two essential questions come to mind: How big is Cancun Airport, and how busy is Cancun Airport? Let’s delve into the details to provide a comprehensive overview of this bustling aviation hub.

First, let’s tackle the question of size. Cancun Airport, officially known as Cancun International Airport (CUN), is the second-largest airport in Mexico. It spans an impressive area of approximately 49,000 square meters (527,431 square feet) and features several terminals, with Terminal 2 and Terminal 4 being the primary ones for both domestic and international flights. The airport’s substantial size allows it to handle a high volume of passengers and aircraft efficiently.

Now, regarding the airport’s level of activity, Cancun Airport is renowned for its constant hustle and bustle. It ranks among the busiest airports in Mexico and the Caribbean, serving as a major gateway for tourists visiting the beautiful beaches and resorts of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. The airport experiences a continuous influx of travelers throughout the year, with peak seasons, especially during holidays and vacation periods, seeing a surge in passenger numbers.

How big is Cancun Airport

What terminal Cancun Airport?

Cancun Airport consists of multiple terminals, with Terminal 2 and Terminal 4 being the primary terminals for both domestic and international flights. The specific terminal you will use depends on your airline and your flight’s origin or destination. It’s essential to check your airline and flight information to determine which terminal you should go to when arriving or departing from Cancun Airport.

What terminal Cancun Airport
An operator watches a no-contact thermal camera for fever control amid the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic, at Cancun International Airport in Cancun, Quintana Roo State, Mexico, on March 2, 2021. (Photo by Daniel SLIM / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images)

Cancun Airport flight arrivals

Prepare to embark on an exciting journey as we bring you the latest updates on Cancun Airport arrivals at both Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. Our mission is to provide you with a seamless travel experience, and we begin by offering a comprehensive overview of incoming flights.

At Cancun Airport Arrivals Terminal 3, you’ll witness the efficient operation that makes international arrivals a breeze. This terminal serves as a key point of entry for travelers from around the world. We’ll delve into the details of arrivals here, ensuring you have all the information you need to plan your itinerary and make the most of your time in Cancun.

Equally noteworthy is Cancun Airport Arrivals Terminal 4, where modernity meets convenience. We’ll explore the arrivals at this terminal, offering insights into the amenities and services available to you upon landing. From Terminal 4, you can seamlessly transition to Cancun’s pristine beaches, world-class resorts, and captivating attractions.

Stay with us as we unveil a detailed table of all Cancun Airport arrivals, allowing you to track flights, stay informed, and make your travel plans with confidence. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting loved ones or embarking on your own adventure, our information hub will be your trusted resource. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of Cancun from the moment you touch down!

OriginArrival TimeFlight NumberAirlineTerminalStatus
Buenos Aires 06:35AR1370Aerolineas Argentinas2En Route - On-time [+]
San Francisco 06:48UA1145United Airlines3En Route - On-time [+]
Vancouver 07:30F82810Flair AirlinesEn Route - On-time [+]
Tijuana 07:37Y43080Volaris2En Route [+]
Atlanta 07:43F9103Frontier Airlines4En Route - On-time [+]
Miami 07:58AA2492American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Mexico City 08:03Y4100Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Orlando 08:20NK3642Spirit Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Dallas 08:21F982Frontier Airlines4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Mexico City 08:43Y43454Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Dallas 09:00AA1547American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Guadalajara 09:04Y41040Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Cleveland 09:05F9207Frontier Airlines4En Route - On-time [+]
Toronto 09:15AC1810Air Canada3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Leon/Guanajuato 09:17Y43501Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 09:25VB1028VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 09:27AM500Aeromexico4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Monterrey 09:28Y43451Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 09:30VB2277VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Miami 09:33AA2494American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Toronto 09:35TS326Air Transat4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Charlotte 09:36AA881American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
New York 09:42B6151JetBlue4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Chicago 09:44NK104Spirit Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Toluca 09:45VB2015VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 09:53Y4102Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Philadelphia 09:54F991Frontier Airlines4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Dallas 09:55AA1343American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Ottawa 09:55F82300Flair AirlinesScheduled [+]
Atlanta 10:00DL1964Delta Air Lines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
New York 10:00AA816American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Monterrey 10:00VB2171VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Newark 10:02UA1987United Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Houston 10:04UA1619United Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Dallas 10:05NK343Spirit Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Guadalajara 10:05VB2141VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Toronto 10:13WS2426WestJet4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Panama City 10:17CM293Copa Airlines2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 10:22AM504Aeromexico4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Toronto 10:25F82610Flair AirlinesScheduled - On-time [+]
Monterrey 10:30VB2203VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Toronto 10:30WG750Sunwing Airlines2Scheduled - On-time [+]
Panama City 10:36CM316Copa Airlines2Scheduled [+]
Minneapolis 10:45DL199Delta Air Lines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Veracruz 10:50VB2103VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Boston 10:56B6771JetBlue4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Dallas 10:59AA1190American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Austin 11:00AA2179American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Houston 11:02F9160Frontier Airlines4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Minneapolis 11:03SY571Sun Country Airlines4Scheduled [+]
Miami 11:05AA1157American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Newark 11:06B61229JetBlue4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Havana 11:10VB313VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Dulles 11:10UA1154United Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Fort Lauderdale 11:11B62795JetBlue4Scheduled - On-time [+]
New York 11:15B651JetBlue4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Mexico City 11:15VB1380VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Montreal 11:15TS538Air Transat4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Puebla 11:18Y43553Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Fort Lauderdale 11:20NK1522Spirit Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Mexico City 11:20VB2273VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Guatemala City 11:23N34316Volaris El SalvadorScheduled [+]
Medellin 11:25AV268Avianca2Scheduled - On-time [+]
Mexico City 11:27AM508Aeromexico4Scheduled - Delayed [+]
Detroit 11:30DL619Delta Air Lines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Philadelphia 11:30AA1262American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Atlanta 11:35DL586Delta Air Lines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
New York 11:35DL621Delta Air Lines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Ottawa 11:35WS2800WestJet4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Montreal 11:35AC926Air Canada3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Charlotte 11:40AA895American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Bogota 11:45AV256Avianca2Scheduled - On-time [+]
Houston 11:45WN317Southwest Airlines4Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 11:45GMT780Magnicharters2Scheduled [+]
Austin 11:50WN708Southwest Airlines4Scheduled [+]
Newark 11:54UA1048United Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Monterrey 11:55VB2165VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Toronto 11:55AC930Air Canada3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Mexico City 11:58Y43533Volaris2Scheduled [+]

Cancun Airport Departures

Get ready for a journey of exploration as we bring you the latest updates on Cancun Airport departures. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless travel experience, and it all starts with a comprehensive overview of departing flights.

OriginDeparture TimeFlight NumberAirlineTerminalStatus
Mexico City 06:02AM501Aeromexico4En Route [+]
Mexico City 06:05VB2272VivaAerobus2En Route [+]
New York 06:20B6352JetBlue4En Route [+]
Veracruz 06:20VB2102VivaAerobus2En Route [+]
Montreal 06:45F82101Flair AirlinesScheduled [+]
Mexico City 07:02AM505Aeromexico4En Route [+]
Havana 07:05VB312VivaAerobus2En Route [+]
Monterrey 07:15VB2170VivaAerobus2En Route [+]
Dallas 07:54AA316American Airlines3En Route [+]
Reynosa 07:55VB2078VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Houston 07:58UA1059United Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Panama City 07:58CM104Copa Airlines2Scheduled [+]
Atlanta 08:15DL609Delta Air Lines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
New York 08:15DL789Delta Air Lines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Aguascalientes 08:22Y43620Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 08:25AM509Aeromexico4Scheduled [+]
Newark 08:45UA1988United Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Atlanta 08:48F9102Frontier Airlines4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Buenos Aires 08:50AR1371Aerolineas Argentinas2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 08:52Y4101Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Vancouver 08:55F82811Flair AirlinesScheduled - On-time [+]
Houston 09:00WN316Southwest Airlines4Scheduled [+]
Miami 09:00AA1132American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Orlando 09:10NK3643Spirit Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Mexico City 09:30Y43536Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Montreal 09:30AC1883Air Canada3Scheduled [+]
Dallas 09:36F983Frontier Airlines4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Mexico City 09:50AM515Aeromexico4Scheduled [+]
Leon/Guanajuato 09:52Y43500Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Dallas 10:00AA1750American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Cleveland 10:10F9206Frontier Airlines4Scheduled - On-time [+]
San Jose 10:14Y43936Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 10:15VB1029VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 10:15VB2278VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Puebla 10:18Y43552Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 10:20AM597Aeromexico4Scheduled [+]
Miami 10:35AA1469American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Toronto 10:35AC1811Air Canada3Scheduled [+]
Charlotte 10:36AA2248American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Monterrey 10:40VB2172VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Toluca 10:40VB7032VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Mexico City 10:42Y4103Volaris2Scheduled [+]
Guadalajara 10:45VB2142VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Chicago 10:49NK105Spirit Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
London 10:55F82917Flair AirlinesScheduled [+]
Toronto 10:55TS327Air Transat4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Philadelphia 10:59F990Frontier Airlines4Scheduled - On-time [+]
New York 11:00AA1185American Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Dallas 11:01AA1601American Airlines3Scheduled - Delayed [+]
New York 11:03B6152JetBlue4Scheduled - On-time [+]
Dallas 11:05NK344Spirit Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Denver 11:08UA1102United Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Atlanta 11:10DL1963Delta Air Lines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Monterrey 11:10VB2204VivaAerobus2Scheduled [+]
Dulles 11:14UA1694United Airlines3Scheduled - On-time [+]
Mexico City 11:17AM521Aeromexico4Scheduled [+]
Panama City 11:24CM262Copa Airlines2Scheduled [+]
Toronto 11:25F82611Flair AirlinesScheduled [+]
Toronto 11:35WG751Sunwing Airlines2Scheduled - On-time [+]
Panama City 11:44CM317Copa Airlines2Scheduled [+]
Minneapolis 11:45DL198Delta Air Lines3Scheduled - On-time [+]

How early arrive Cancun Airport?

Arriving at Cancun Airport on time is crucial to ensure a smooth travel experience. Here’s a straightforward guide on how early you should arrive:

  1. Domestic Flights:
    • For domestic flights within Mexico, it’s recommended to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time.
    • This allows time for check-in, security screening, and any potential queues.
  2. International Flights:
    • If you’re flying internationally, arrive at least 3 hours before your flight’s departure time.
    • International flights often involve more extensive security and immigration procedures.
  3. Peak Seasons and Holidays:
    • During peak travel seasons or holidays, it’s advisable to arrive even earlier, as lines and wait times may be longer.
  4. Check with Your Airline:
    • Always check with your airline for specific recommendations, as some airlines may have their own guidelines.

Remember that arriving early not only helps you avoid stress but also ensures you have ample time to complete all necessary pre-flight procedures and enjoy a relaxed start to your journey from Cancun Airport.


In conclusion, while you can’t take an Uber directly from Cancun Airport due to local regulations and safety concerns, there are reliable private transfer services available at affordable rates to help you reach your destination comfortably. Additionally, Cancun Airport is committed to passenger safety and maintains strict security measures, making it a generally safe travel hub. Remember to plan your arrival time accordingly, especially during peak seasons, to ensure a smooth departure from Cancun Airport and start your vacation or business trip on the right foot. Safe travels!