is Cancun Safe?

Cancun is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations, known for its white sand beaches, warm weather, and wide range of tourist activities. However, one of the main concerns of tourists when traveling to Cancun is safety.

is Cancun Safe?

is Cancun Safe

It is important to note that Cancun is a safe city to visit as long as necessary precautions are taken. The city has a wide security network that includes surveillance in the streets, beaches, and tourist areas, as well as police patrols. In addition, the city has a 24-hour Emergency Response Center.

Below are some recommendations to ensure a safe stay in Cancun

Avoid displaying valuables in public

Cancun is a tourist city, and as such, it is recommended not to display valuables in public, such as expensive jewelry or large sums of cash, as this can attract the attention of criminals. It is important to store valuables in safe places, such as your hotel safe or in a security bag.

Always be aware of your surroundings

When walking around the city, it is important to be alert and pay attention to your surroundings. In case you feel uncomfortable or in danger, it is recommended to seek help immediately.

Take preventive measures on public transportation

When taking public transportation in Cancun, it is recommended to be aware of other passengers and take preventive measures, such as not carrying large sums of cash and not leaving valuables in the car. It is important to take authorized taxis and avoid using non-official transportation services.

Respect the indications of the lifeguards on the beaches

The beaches in Cancun are beautiful and attractive, but they can also present certain risks to tourists. It is important to follow the indications of the lifeguards and not stray too far from the shore. It is also important to be careful when swimming in the sea and not to underestimate the strength of the currents.

Eat in hygienic places

Food safety is important to avoid illness during the trip. It is recommended to eat in hygienic places and avoid consuming food in unreliable places. It is also important to drink bottled water instead of tap water to avoid health problems.

Be aware of high-risk areas

It is recommended to research high-risk areas before going out to explore. Some areas of the city may be more dangerous than others, and it is important to be aware of this to avoid any incidents.

Book your private transfer

Booking a private transfer from Cancun airport to your hotel is one of the best ways not only to get to the door of your accommodation, but also for safety. So don’t hesitate to use this option and of course, you can book it right here.


Cancun is a safe and attractive tourist destination to visit as long as necessary precautions are taken. By following the safety recommendations and enjoying the beautiful beaches and tourist attractions it offers, you can have a unique and unforgettable experience in this beautiful city.