Getting to Puerto Morelos from Cancun

Puerto Morelos is the neighboring city of Cancun, located just 38.4 km away. Since the route is relatively straightforward, the average time to cover this distance is approximately 30 minutes.

So, since Puerto Morelos is close to Cancun, you might be wondering if there are various transportation options available, right? Well, being not too far from the city of Cancun, there are indeed several transportation options, and we’ll analyze them right now.

How to Get to Puerto Morelos from Cancun?

Private transportation, taxis, colectivos, and the ADO bus are the four options we have for getting from Cancun to Puerto Morelos. Each has its advantages, disadvantages, and costs, and we’ll now break them down.

Private Transportation

Private service might be the most expensive option, but it’s also the safest, cleanest, fastest, and least complicated. One of its advantages is that this service can be waiting for you as you disembark from your flight and exit terminals 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the airport, or it can even go directly to your hotel’s doorstep.

But it’s not the only advantage; being a completely private service, it will drop you off exactly at the point in Puerto Morelos where you need to go.

Another advantage, apart from its comfort, is the payment method: Normally, these services allow secure online payments. Therefore, you already know how much you will pay and what you will pay for.

What would be the disadvantage? The price can be slightly higher than the other transportation services available to Puerto Morelos, but isn’t your safety and peace of mind worth it?

Private Transportation

Taxi to Puerto Morelos

Yes, that’s right! Another option available for getting from Cancun to Puerto Morelos is the public taxi service.

Public taxi services are those with a “green line.” You can find them all over the city, and all you need to do is raise your hand and flag one down.

Remember that Puerto Morelos is not far from Cancun? This is undoubtedly a plus for making this type of transportation an option. But not everything is perfect.

This service has more disadvantages than advantages. First and foremost, despite having a fixed rate, they don’t always stick to it, and if you don’t ask about the cost before boarding and reaching your destination, you might be surprised by the price.

Not all taxis are in good condition, have air conditioning, or come with traveler’s insurance. Besides, they are small, with a maximum capacity of 4 passengers. As an advantage, we have the opportunity to arrive exactly where we want to go in Puerto Morelos, and there are plenty of taxis in the city, so it won’t be a problem to find one quickly.

cancun puerto morelos taxi

Bus from Cancun to Puerto Morelos

Is there a bus that can take me from Cancun to Puerto Morelos? No, there isn’t a direct bus that can take you from the city of Cancun to Puerto Morelos.

From downtown Cancun or Cancun Airport, you can take a regular bus or a VAN. If you’re at Cancun Airport, the company providing this service is ADO.

If you’re departing from downtown Cancun, it could be the ADO bus or Playa Express. All good, right? These options are definitely cost-effective, and they don’t actually go to Puerto Morelos.

Their final destination is Playa del Carmen, but since Puerto Morelos is located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, they make “small stops” at the city entrance. So, you can get off here and take a taxi or a bus to the beach area or the town of Puerto Morelos.

Bus from Cancun to Puerto Morelos


Getting from Cancun to Puerto Morelos offers several transportation options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Private transportation stands out as the safest, most convenient, and comfortable option, with the additional advantage of being able to drop you directly at your desired location in Puerto Morelos. While it may have a slightly higher cost, the peace of mind and security it provides are well worth considering.

On the other hand, public taxis offer a more economical option but may be less reliable in terms of adhering to established fares, vehicle condition, and amenities. Still, they can be a convenient way to reach your destination within Puerto Morelos.

For travelers seeking a budget-friendly option, buses operated by companies like ADO and Playa Express are available in Cancun, providing transportation to Playa del Carmen with stops near the entrance of Puerto Morelos. Although they are not direct buses to Puerto Morelos, they offer an economical means of getting close to your final destination.

Ultimately, the choice of transportation will depend on your budget, preferences, and priorities. Whether you prioritize safety, convenience, or cost-effectiveness, Cancun offers a variety of options to meet your needs when traveling to the charming town of Puerto Morelos.