Welcome bar Cancun Airport

The Welcome Bar is a renowned establishment located in Terminal 2 of Cancun International Airport (CUN). This landmark plays an essential role in the travel experience of passengers arriving at this terminal.

How to Find the Welcome Bar

The Welcome Bar is situated in the arrivals area of Terminal 2 of Cancun International Airport, near Gate 2.

To find the Welcome Bar, follow these instructions:

  1. Exit the baggage claim area of Terminal 2.
  2. Follow the signs to the arrivals area.
  3. Once you reach the arrivals area, look for the sign that says “Welcome Bar.”
  4. The Welcome Bar is located on the right side of the arrivals area, near Gate 2.

The Welcome Bar is easy to find and is clearly marked. If you have difficulty locating it, feel free to ask an airport staff member for assistance. Representatives from transfer companies often wear brightly colored uniforms and carry signs with the name of their company, so they can also help you find the Welcome Bar if needed.

Welcome Bar Services

The Welcome Bar offers a range of additional services to make passengers’ waiting time more comfortable and enjoyable:

  • Free Wi-Fi: Passengers can connect to the internet for free to stay in touch with loved ones or work while waiting for their transfer.
  • Rest Area: Passengers can relax in comfortable seats or take a nap before their transfer.
  • Access to Beverages and Snacks: Passengers can enjoy a cold drink or a light snack while waiting for their transfer.
  • Information on Transfer Services: Passengers can obtain detailed information about the different transfer services available, including fares, schedules, and pickup points.


The Welcome Bar in Terminal 2 of Cancun International Airport is an essential landmark for travelers arriving at this bustling terminal. In addition to serving as a meeting point, it offers a range of services that enhance passengers’ waiting experience. The next time you land at Terminal 2 of CUN, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the services and convenience offered by the Welcome Bar to start your journey in a relaxed and hassle-free manner.

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